Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward


2018-2020 Committee Members:

Ramsey Robinson & Jay Noack (THS)
Kathy Powell (ESS)
Ron Furlan (PECI)
Suzanne Goettler (CSS)
Doug Holland (BSS)
Martin Caulfield (CHSS)
to be named (OT)
Officer - Doug Isaak (Chair/NHHS)
Executive Liaison - Keith Sled



    Form 421-1 (need to log into HPEDSB site to access)

    OSSTF D29 Violent Incident Online Form (link)

    Form 378-15 Your school should have pre-numbered copies of form 378-15 available to all staff

May 2019 AGM Health & Safety Report:

This year the committee was involved in assisting members with health and safety issues.

Violence in the workplace continued to be a focus.  D29 Leadership hosted the provincial Violence in the Workplace workshop, which emphasized for our school leaders the hazards of becoming used to increased levels of student misbehaviour and importance of reporting these incidents.

With the recently announced cuts to education, it seems that school renewal projects are proceeding more slowly, if at all. We continue to ask the membership
to be diligent in reporting safety issues in the workplace.

Know your rights:  the right to know, the right to participate, and the right to refuse unsafe work.
Doug Isaak, H&S Officer

 ABOVE: 2018 Health & Safety meeting at Federation House

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Doug Isaak

D29 Health & Safety Officer