Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward


Our Responsibilities:
  • To provide advice, assistance and training to Communications and Excellence in Education Officers
  • To recommend to the Provincial CPAC local entries for provincial awards for excellence in communications & public relations;
  • To recommend local Drysdale entries to the Provincial CPAC;
  • To promote the pride of members in their own skills and in their contributions to their profession, students and communities through sponsorship and support of Education Week and our Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • To develop and maintain the District 29 website;
  • To publish our District newsletter and other such publications and media as authorized by the District Executive.
 2018-2020 Committee Members:
Alison Culkin (BSS)
to be named (THS)
Susan Sheppard (Chair/ESS)
Greer Koutroulides (PECI)
to be named (CSS)
Tara Prance (CHSS)
Leaf Worsley (NHHS)
to be named (OT)
Hilary Pearson (Officer)
Executive Liaison: Scott Marshall

May 2019 AGM CEE Report:
The year started with our committee celebrating World Teacher Day in October. In November we collected submissions for the Student Achievement Award on the topic of “Ahead by a Century”. The following winners went forward to Toronto to be presented provincially, Kyone Browne “Mr. Guardian” (BSS), Moira Wilson “The Devil Wears Pessimism: Societal Advancement Within the Past Century” (CHSS), Jasper Schell “A Broken Machine” (NHHS), Bailey MacIver “The Dead Sea” (CSS), and Dhanush Arul “A Journey Through Time - With Marjorie Carrie” (ESS).
This year there was one regional winner for the Student Achievement Award going to Bailey MacIver “The Dead Sea” (CSS).

There were 4 nominations for the Excellence in Education Teaching Award this year from four different schools. Each teacher will be celebrated at the Celebration Dinner held
on May 9th.

This year’s Education Week is May 6th to 10th and will be celebrated in each school. It has been a wonderful year full of great events and celebrations of our staff and students. We all hope to see such greatness next year!

Susan Sheppard (ESS/Chair)

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Rosanne Duke (ESS), Kendra Kilpatrick (NHHS), Brenda Hollett (CHSS), and Jay Noack (THS) pictured along with the CEE members.

D29 CEE Committee reviewing local student submissions for the
2017 Student Achievement Awards