Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward


(Sept. 1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2022)

  1. Bylaw 8:

  2. 8.1  A person or persons selected to negotiate on behalf of the District shall be responsible to the District Executive and shall keep the District Executive informed at all times of the progress of negotiations.

  3. 8.2  The District Executive shall:
    8.2.1 inform the Provincial OSSTF of progress in negotiations on a regular basis and shall endeavour to co-operate with the provincial Executive to coordinate effectively negotiation strategies among bargaining units.

  1. 8.3  All waivers to the collective agreement must be presented to the District Council for approval.
  2. 8.4  All amendments to the collective agreement must be approved by a secret ballot of the membership conducted in the workplace.
    8.4.1 Members shall have 48 hours, exclusive of weekends and statutory holidays, to consider any proposed amendments prior to voting.
    8.4.2 Approval of any amendments to the collective agreement requires a majority of those voting. 


2021-2023 Committee Members:

Greg Fellows (THS)
Hugh Culiton (ESS)
Ryan Gabourie (PECI)
Steve Everhardus (BSS)
Ashley Graham (CHAIR) & Leaf Worsley (NHHS)
Andrew Wachner (CSS)
to be named (CHS)
Graham Gough  (OT)
Executive Liaison: Andrew Wachner (Chief Negotiator)