Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward

T/OT Council

Duties of the District Council - Bylaw 6

6.1 The District Council shall: 
    1. 6.1.1  act in the name of the Federation between meetings of the District Annual Meeting;
      6.1.2  determine the nature and extent of Federation activities at the District level;
      6.1.3  approve the District budget;
      6.1.4  adopt interim Bylaws governing the conduct of Federation business in accordance with Article 11;
      6.1.5  recommend amendments to the Constitution and Bylaw;
      6.1.6  approve all waivers to the collective agreement in accordance with Bylaw 8;
      6.1.7  deal with matters referred to it by the District Annual Meeting, the District Executive, Standing Committees and Branches;
      6.1.8  recommend and debate motions to the Provincial council and Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly;
      6.1.9  nominate or endorse candidates for election to Provincial Offices at the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly;
      6.1.10  elect delegates and alternates to the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly in accordance with Bylaw 1.4;
      6.1.11  receive reports from the Provincial Councillor, Chairs of Standing Committees, Branch Presidents and others as required. 

T/OT COUNCIL 2018-2020
All of Council Meet the first Wednesday of the Month

T/OT Executive
(Executive meet the last Wednesday of the Month)

Scott Marshall - President
Keith Sled - Vice-President
Richard Long - Treasurer
Andrew Wachner - Chief Negotiator
Chip Gillis - Executive Officer
Marian Moon - Executive Officer
Chris Masterson- Executive Officer
Kendra Kilpatrick- Executive Officer

Branch Presidents
Paul Clair (BSS)
Jason Bremner and Heidi Moncrieff (CSS)
Kristin Wannamaker (CHS)
Cathy Woodley (ESS)
Kendra Kilpatrick (NHHS) Acting
Tammy Groleau (PECI)
Jenn Ully (THS)
Eleanor MacNiven (Education Centre)
Janice Masters- OT Branch Vice-President

District Officers
Michelle Dalrymple - District Officer
Sarah Boggett - Human Rights & Status of Women
Doug Isaak - Health & Safety
Mike King - Pensions & Benefits
Hilary Pearson - Communications
Steve Everhardus - Staffing
Jason Bremner - Political Action

District Committee Chairs
Susan Sheppard - Communications / Excellence in Education
Steve Everhardus- Collective Bargaining
Doug Isaak - Health & Safety
Candice Stuart- Human Rights & Status of Women
Doug Isaak- Pensions & Benefits

Provincial Executive Liaisons
Paul Caccamo - Provincial Executive Officer
Paul Kossta - (Political Action)
Steven Newstead - (Protective Services)
Randy Banderob  - (Educational Services)

 2019 Executive Award for Outstanding Service
Heather Patterson
 D29 Council 2019-2020

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: OSSTF D29 donated to the following in 2018-2019:
All-Together Affordable Housing, Belleville Theatre Guild, CFUW Garden Tour, Prince Edward County Memorial, Hospital Auxiliary, United Way of Quinte, Canadian Federation of University Women, Belleville and District, Canada Helps - Funny Farm Ministries Crime Stopper’s Quinte

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