Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward

T/OT BU Council

Duties of the District Council - Bylaw 6

      6.1 There shall be a T/OTBU Council consisting of:
             6.1.1 voting members:
             the members of the T/OTBU Executive;
             the Branch Presidents;
             the Chairpersons of the T/OTBU Standing Committees;
             the workplace representative from the Board Office;
             the Occasional Teacher Vice-President.
            6.1.2 non-voting members:
            the Health and Safety Officer;
            the Staffing Officer;
            the Pensions and Retirement Benefits Officer
            the Communications/Excellence in Education Officer
            the Member Services Officer;
           6.1.3 The members of the Teacher/Occasional Teacher Council shall be elected or
      appointed in the manner described in the Bylaws.

T/OT COUNCIL 2022-2024
All of Council Meet the first Wednesday of the Month

T/OT BU Executive
(Executive meet the last Wednesday of the Month)

Scott Marshall - President
Kendra Kilpatrick - Vice-President
Richard Long - Treasurer
Andrew Wachner - Chief Negotiator
Chip Gillis - Executive Officer
Kristin Wannamaker - Executive Officer
Sarah Boggett - Executive Officer
Tish Francis - Executive Officer

Branch Presidents
Paul Clair (BSS)
Heidi Moncrieff (CSS)
Ian MacGregor (CHS)
Cindy Cooper (ESS)
Kendra Kilpatrick/Chip Gillis (NHHS) Acting
Tammy Groleau (PECI)
Jenn Ully (THS)
Amanda Watson (Education Centre)
To Be Named - (OT's)

District Officers
Michelle Dalrymple - Member Services Officer
Raha Karimi – Pensions and Retirement Benefits Officer
Doug Isaak - Health & Safety Officer
Eleanor MacNiven – Communications/Excellence in Education Officer
Steve Everhardus Staffing Officer
Ben Claxton Educational Services Officer

District Committee Chairs
Sue Sheppard  - Communications / Excellence in Education
to be named   - Collective Bargaining
to be named   -   Political Action
to be named   -   Human Rights & Status of Women

to be named    -
  Pensions & Benefits
to be named    -   Health & Safety
to be named    -  Educational Services

Provincial Executive Liaisons
Sherry-Ann Bowen-Gordon – Executive
Dan Earle - Executive Assistant
Steven Newstead - Protective Services
Rosemary Judd-Archer  - Educational Services

 2019 Executive Award for Outstanding Service
Heather Patterson
 D29 Council 2019-2020

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: OSSTF D29 donated to the following in 2018-2019:
All-Together Affordable Housing, Belleville Theatre Guild, CFUW Garden Tour, Prince Edward County Memorial, Hospital Auxiliary, United Way of Quinte, Canadian Federation of University Women, Belleville and District, Canada Helps - Funny Farm Ministries Crime Stopper’s Quinte