Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward


Our Responsibilities:

  • To provide advice and assistance to the District Executive in relation to lobbying governments and political parties on matter of concern to the Federation;
  • To advise District Executive and Council on matters concerning political activity at the regional and local levels;
  • To liaise with and organize actions with other interest groups to deal with areas of mutual concern, subject to the prior approval of the District Executive.

2023-2024 Committee Members:

to be named (PECI)
Jason Bremner (CSS)  - Officer -
Adam Gibson (BSS) (CHAIR)
to be named (THS)
to be named (ESS)
to be named (CHS)
to be named (NHHS)
to be named (OT)
Executive LiaisonTish Francis

2023 Annual Meeting Committee Report:
The local PAC met in the fall of this year to discuss the outcome of the provincial election and involvement in the municipal election. The PAC remains very small, and would like to rebuild next year and see representation from all schools. As we are well aware the current Conservative government is underfunding our public education system by a significant amount. This was expected when they were re-elected, and will likely continue for as long as they hold a majority in the provincial legislature. Electing a more education friendly government is necessary to begin rebuilding the damage that has already been done to our public schools, and planning for this should begin at the local level now. We ask all members to consider the impact we can all have collectively if we engage in a unified election strategy. During the fall municipal elections we supported candidates who were endorsed by the local labour council. We were pleased to see those whom we supported elected, and we do have open dialogue now with those supported candidates who were elected to municipal councils and our school board of trustees.

NO SWEAT  It is the policy of District 29 OSSTF that District Office and its branches shall make every attempt to purchase items from sources that manufacture under humane working conditions in compliance with accepted international standards and local laws.

The Committee has also revived the D29 OSSTF PAC Twitter account. Members can follow @OsstfD to stay up to date on political issues affecting us all.

PAC Rally
2019 Rally in front of Todd Smith's Office in Belleville

Wendell Fulton Award Winner - Jason Bremner
The Wendell Fulton Award goes to  a member for long term political effort to recognize longstanding contributions to political action.
Jason has been involved in every aspect of political action, rallies, lobbying in our district since 1998.