Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward

President's Report

Check you payroll statement!
We strongly encourage each OSSTF D29 member to check your payroll statement and verify that you are being paid correctly. Members should check after any payroll adjustments, which include salary increases, category changes, and experience adjustments. Daily OT’s should verify that each payroll statement accurately reflects time worked. Below is the most current pay grid, reflecting the 1% salary adjustment applied at the start of this new school year:
September 1, 2018         
Year     Cat 1     Cat 2     Cat 3     Cat 4

  0     50507.09     52320.58     57376.62     62102.56
  1     53422.62     54673.30     59997.93     64898.15
  2     55771.24     57133.66     62615.14     68123.27
  3     58060.40     59705.76     65432.25     71394.52
  4     60947.22     62392.68     68377.51     74072.21
  5     63294.81     65199.54     71453.98     77404.98
  6     65288.73     68133.52     74669.88     80887.41
  7     67849.55     71199.74     78029.29     84526.69
  8     70470.86     74403.34     81541.46     88332.05
  9     73382.29     77751.48     85209.44     92307.58
10     77556.70     81156.00     91297.81     98497.44
Additional Salary Increases for this school year will be:
February 1, 2019 - 1.0%
August 31st, 2019 - 0.5%

Daily Occasional Teachers:
The negotiated rate for D29 Daily Occasional Teachers is 85% of 1/194 of Category 1 Step 0 (Article 67.05 of our Collective Agreement). Please note that the daily rate will increase as the grid rate increases again in February and August of 2019.

All members should be familiar with our contract language regarding teaching experience and how this impacts placement on the pay grid. Contract language for Experience and Qualifications is contained in Articles L37 and L67.07 of our Collective Agreement.

Category Change:
If you have completed a course that should move you up to a new category on our negotiated pay grid, notify the employer the day that you complete the course that you will be applying for a category change. Apply for a category change through the OSSTF Certification Department, and when your new category is verified notify the employer again. You will be paid retroactively back to the date that you completed the course for your category change and the date that you notified the employer of this change.

Where is the Collective Agreement?
A link to our collective agreement can be found on the left hand side of our local website: d29.osstf.ca. Please note that the improvements from the OSSTF Contract Extension reached last year do not appear in our Collective Agreement, they can be found in the Members area of our provincial website. Summaries have also been printed and shared with work-site leaders, so they should be posted on the school OSSTF board.

Professional Development Funding:
OSSTF D29 has negotiated, with our employer, funds to support professional development activities. Contract teachers can apply for funds by completing the Contract Teacher JSD application form form our local website d29.osstf.ca and submitting it to the work-site Educational Services Representative. Occasional Teachers can access the Occasional Teacher JSD form from our website and send it to the District Office (Scott Marshall d29pres@gmail.com) when complete.